About Us

InspiredInspired by India's vibrant and tantalizing food culture, we have created a bold and innovative version of our own modern Indian food. Bringing the richest culture and food from the heart of India by incorporating Awadhi and Mughlai Cuisine to our menu. Tapas from Middle Eastern Arabic cuisine complements our bar and Indian traditional and Fusion menu.

Being in such a busy and modern city, we have always looked for a cozy place to have authentic Indian food which would bring us back to the streets of India. From the traditional spices to the authentic feel, we didn’t want to compromise on anything.

Nothing really satisfied us so we decided to open up our very own restaurant with the specific goal of making it cozy and welcoming for everyone. We don’t only have dining in, you can also come and chill on our terrace to enjoy our drinks and premium shisha.

For all the health freaks out there, you can have our healthy and nutritious menu provided by Calfit! Our chefs have worked very hard with our nutritionist and founder, Kiran Sukhani, to make sure you’re provided with premium and heathy ingredients without compromising on the taste.

Our only focus is to give you the service you wish you had at home